Saturday, March 23, 2013

Again! Another Commercial Grill

They all start the same way. A call comes in from out of the blue, asking whether or not we are interested in doing a custom grill for a restaurant. We love these meaty projects, with lots of requirements to sort through. Functional requirements, esthetic requirements, safety requirements.

Because our grills are manufactured at the largest ornamental iron shop in the Western US, the customers then ask if we can create fixtures for the restaurant that match our grills. We love these projects!

Click on this photo to really get a sense of the beauty of this installation! This installation is installed at Sotto Restaurant in  Cincinnati, OH, and officially opens on 3/25/2013.

The name for this project during design and build was "The Phoenix Project". Two restaurant spaces in Cincinnati stood vacant for years, until Boca Restaurant Group brought those two spaces back from the ashes! That is bistecca alla fiorentina on the far grate and chicken hanging from poultry hooks. Whether Marco Polo brought poultry hooks from China or NorCal Ovenworks simply borrowed these hooks from a Chinese restaurant supply house is up for debate.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

We're having fun!

An exciting project for us has been this large, multi-purpose grill. This restaurant grill can be configured as:
  • A whole animal rotisserie
  • An Argentine grill with rear brasero
  • A Montevideo grill/parrilla like the ones in the Mercado in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • A roasting station with up to 5 asadores for whole lambs or pigs
  • A chicken and duck roasting station
  • A very large Tuscan grill (The main use at Bucato in Helms Plaza, Culver City, CA.)

This grill is made of 3/8" thick carbon steel plate. It weighs 1800 lbs and should last quite a while.

Big Chicken

We're the sum token of our experiences. I spent two years living within two miles of this landmark.

Where did I live?