Thursday, March 30, 2017

New System for Asado

We are emphasizing a new system for Asado grilling. Our Asado line started like this:

Asado Fire Table (63X36X24) with Asado Grill (54X27X12).
Several options were added, for example, the Asado Grill can be replaced with the 54X27 Uruguayan Grill Kit:

Uruguayan Grill Kit (on aa slightly smaller Fire Table) The standard fire table makes the Uruguayan Grill Kit fit just like the Asado Grill.
Additionally, 2 60X24 Argentine Crosses with Adjustable Bases or 2 Criolla Crosses with Adjustable Bases can be fitted on the Asado Fire Table. (Shown in the shop before bricks were added.)

Even More Options are available, for Example, place a rod across the firetable at a height of 36" for 4 Brazilian Swords and a Hanging Grill:

Firetable with Central Rod for 4 Swords and Hanging Grill
The Swords and Grill are the same ones shown here, but the legs on the fire-table and welded center rod are a better, more stable platform.:

Old Method for Swords and hanging Grill. A Table and welded center support rod is more stable.

Additionally, Mallmann fans have been asking for a system to allow hanging chickens, ducks, and various meats above a portable fire-table. Here is what our solution is, and the hanging rack can be set either 48" or 36" above the firetable:

Solution for Hanging Poultry, Meats, and even Fish at 36" or 48" above the top of the firetable.

Another solution is a set-up that features 3 Cabrito Crosses clamped onto a Fire-table:

Friday, March 3, 2017

Really Cool Design

My customers are pushing me, and every day, I have to reach deeper and deeper into my bag of tricks. Here is a grill I designed yesterday. The main challenge is that I have very little room, and the customers functionality demands are intense. In this case, I used a few concepts from Extebarri in Spain, one of the best restaurants in the world. In my opinion, I fixed a few of the design flaws with Extebarri's grills. That's a 36" True Chef Base tucked below the grill. We'll cut holes for 1/9 hotel pans in the front shelf, for sauces, etc. I'm hoping my customer lets me use black glazed firebricks for this grill. BBQ grils should be black, in my opinion.