Friday, June 26, 2015

Touching Up A NorCal Ovenworks Grill

Our Argentine Grills are painted with the best paint we can find, but due to excessive government regulation, we cannot ship paint to a customer, even by Fedex Ground. HOWEVER, when you need to touch up the paint, YOU can order small quantities from several places, and these registered "hazardous shippers" can ship small quantities of paint to you.

The paint, in we use, in spray can form is AW Perkins 90AW 1400ºF Stove Paint Spray - Black, and it is available from several places. I am listing several of them because one supplier or another may run low on stock, from time to time.

Supplier 1:

Supplier 2:

Now, a few words about surface preparation........

Degrease the area that needs painted, TSP and water is probably the best way. Then, rough up the area to be painted with some sand paper, so that the steel is shiny. Again. make sure the surface is absolutely clean, and spray the paint lightly. Apply a second coat rather than applying a thick coat.