Thursday, August 15, 2013

Goldilocks, it's a grill!

I received a call from a customer who just returned from a vacation at a villa in Umbria, Italy. He had enjoyed a grill in Umbria, and thought that one our models was as close as he could find. I told him NEVER to compromise on a grill, and asked if he had a picture of what he had used in Umbria.

Here is the Umbrian Grill:

We never copy a grill, but we will take a concept, study it, and using all of our experience, make the best grill we can. Here is our version of the Umbrian Grill:

 What an enjoyable project! We have a new series of Argentine Grills called the "Bear Series", which feature rear ember makers (braseros), 3/16" steel construction, and brick lined fireboxes. Here is a picture of Baby Bear: