Friday, April 19, 2019

Nice to hear from a long time customer!

"Thought you might like this photo – we purchased our first Argentine Grill from you about 8-10 years ago and have enjoyed many memorable meals with family and friends!  Everyone claims to have had his/her “best ribeye steak ever” cooked on this grill – and the grilling process itself has become a cherished ritual!

Now that we’ve moved, we just purchased our second grill from you for installation in an outdoor kitchen area at our new home.  Nice to see how your business has grown – congratulations!

Mark & Karen"

They must have purchased the first grill 8 years ago, because we have only been in business 8 years.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

This is a big grill for big sky country, Hamilton, Montana. This is a residential grill.

This is just a big firetable, with an outdoor hood. Additional items that this customer added to go with the grill are:

Freestanding Argentine Grill with Front Facing Wheel 30 W X 22.5 FTB SS V Grates

Churrasco Brazilian Electric Rotisserie Grill w/10 all Stainless Steel Skewers

Freestanding Pig, Lamb, and Goat Rotisserie (New Design, like I have, but lighter. Adj. Height and

27X27 Asado Grill (SS grates)

Chapa (24X24)

12X24 Brasero

Discada with Removable Legs

Dutch Oven Set (hang stuff plus grill and ovens)

Sword Set

Small Infiernillo with Curtains

Poultry, S, and Treble hooks.

The Argentine grill will normally be positioned with the wheel in front of the hood while in use.

Multi-use firetable, with oodles of free standing grilling tools for flexibility.

This is very large for a residential grill, but the difference between men, and boys, is the size and cost of their toys.

Insulated Charbroiler with some Pizzazz!

Every once in a while, someone asks us to make something special. I have to tell you that our fabricators seem to like making things round. This is an insulated charbroiler, but it has a brasero for show. It also has a cooking/warming grid way up on top. This piece is for exhibition cooking at a casino in Washington state.

48" Diameter Charbroiler with 12" shelf all around.

Cooking temperature is regulated by raising and lowering the fuel grate on this charbroiler.