Friday, September 14, 2018

The Ultimate Commercial Grill

Experience helps. Each new design is built on experience from past designs as well as what we learn from others. Angler, El Che, Elkano, Elsmere, Exhale, Extebarre,  Odys and Penlope, Scratch Bar and Kitchen, The Lost Fire, and anonymous non-commercial customers who live for wood fired cooking.

How do we build a grill resistant to the abuse that American chefs heap upon their grills. Can we make it more dynamic and flexible, more robust, and more intriguing? Well, we have, and here it is:

Cableless, no ratchet locks, free and clear space above the grill for a rotisserie and for hanging items.

Our Flagship Grill Design

Elsmere BBQ in Maine. Repeat Customer. Second Restaurant

Friday, August 31, 2018

What do German Lucarelli and Dan Pundick have in common?

Dan Pundick crisps a slab of pork belly on a NorCal Ovenworks grill.
In our book, this is bacon, the only item that is its own food group.

Dan Pundick (Oceanside) and German Lucarelli (Kennebunkport) have the same grill model.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cantilever Grill Grates

Note that this grill kit, destined for Australia, has cantilevered grill grates.The reason we did this was because the customer wanted a whole animal rotisserie, and usually, the center rails conflict when we have a split grill. Coupled with our new snap on rotisserie brackets, we are able to add a rotisserie to any grill with no modification of the grill. The rotisserie can also be assembled or disassembled for cleaning without the use of tools, meeting the requirements of commercial restaurants. 

OK, this is something that we don't usually do, but the customer wanted stainless steel painted black. Aesthetics. 

New Rotisserie Brackets. Snaps onto our Argentine Grills.

NorCal Ovenworks Grill at Pomerol, Seattle

Here is a custom Grill made by NorCal Ovenworks for Pomerol Restaurant in Seattle, WA.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Yet Another Grill Design

With a 49.5" Wide X 31.5" Front to Back Brick Lined Floor, 18" High Side and Rear Brick Lined Walls, Rear Brasero/Ember Maker, and a 9" Front Door/Shelf , this grill is as full featured as they come. Available in 3/16" Steel Thickness for Residential Use or 3/8" Steel for Commercial Use.
And As-Built. Note that wheels have been removed for shipping.