Thursday, April 18, 2019

This is a big grill for big sky country, Hamilton, Montana. This is a residential grill.

This is just a big firetable, with an outdoor hood. Additional items that this customer added to go with the grill are:

Freestanding Argentine Grill with Front Facing Wheel 30 W X 22.5 FTB SS V Grates

Churrasco Brazilian Electric Rotisserie Grill w/10 all Stainless Steel Skewers

Freestanding Pig, Lamb, and Goat Rotisserie (New Design, like I have, but lighter. Adj. Height and

27X27 Asado Grill (SS grates)

Chapa (24X24)

12X24 Brasero

Discada with Removable Legs

Dutch Oven Set (hang stuff plus grill and ovens)

Sword Set

Small Infiernillo with Curtains

Poultry, S, and Treble hooks.

The Argentine grill will normally be positioned with the wheel in front of the hood while in use.

Multi-use firetable, with oodles of free standing grilling tools for flexibility.

This is very large for a residential grill, but the difference between men, and boys, is the size and cost of their toys.

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