Monday, September 12, 2011

Dennis Manuel Uses His New 38 X 24 Brick Lined Argentine Grill

Dennis Manuel told me it was ok to publish pictures of the first meal he prepared on his brand new brick lined 38X24 Argentine Grill from NorCal Ovenworks.

Commentary by Gary Knackstedt of NorCal Ovenworks Inc.

First, select your ingredients, and lubricate the grillmaster just slightly with a good wine! Dennis is in the wine business, so he knows what he is doing.

Now, we've gotta get some heat to get things rolling.

OK......we got some charcoal lit. Are we ready yet?

Hey, that's funny looking wood! What is it? It's OLIVE WOOD.

What's this? Now we're SMOKIN'!

Note the oil that got splashed on the grill when Dennis seasoned the grill with vegetable oil.

Finally, the grill is ready to use. Yahoo! Look mom, no hands!

Let's get those vegetables off the grill and add a little chicken.

Ah! Alone at last!

All's well that ends well. There's still a little warmth and light from the grill to keep eat dinner by grill side!

Hey! I'm not finished. Somebody bring out the MARSHMALLOWS, HERSHEY BARS, and GRAHAM CRACKERS. I WANNA DO S'MORE!

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