Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ushuaia Argintinean Steakhouse in Santa Monica, CA

One of our newer customers.

48X34 Argentine Exhibition Grill at Ushuaia Argentine Steakhouse
This is a NorCal Ovenworks 48X34 Argentine Exhibition Grill. The customer has not put the bricks in yet.
Note that the grill is constructed of Individual 3/8" Square Rods. A searing machine!

Mixed Grill at Ushuaia Argentinean Steakhouse in Santa Monica
Yummm. I'm pretty sure this photo was taken previously, the sear is a little more pronounced with the 3/8" Individual Square Rod Grates. Niced mixed grill, someone left off the mollejas, but the chorizo, morcilla, and short rib are there, my favorites.

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