Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Francis Mallman Inspired Armado

In Tierra De Fuegos and Mallman on Fire, Francis Mallman is seen using what he calls an Armado. Basically, it is a firebox base,firebox basket/ember guard, chapa, and grill. Francis Mallman had his made round. After looking at his for a couple of years, I decided that we should make one. Ours is square, but functionally identical.

First, an 18"X18" base, on 18" screw on legs.

Next, add an open basket to keep embers en, and the chapa or gill above the fire.

Here we have a chapa on top of the open basket. Anybody want pancakes, bacon, and eggs? How about some fried potatoes?

I suppose we could have continued with the griddle, but forget the bacon, let's change the menu to steak and eggs, or sausages and eggs. All on a NorCal Ovenworks Armado.

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