Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gaucho Grill in Blacksburg, VA

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job as NorCal Ovenworks Grill Engineer is meeting new friends, and working with them to achieve their individual dream. Francisco "Kiko" Azevado is the proprietor of the upcoming Gaucho Grill, in Blacksburg, VA. He asked for a multi-purpose grill that he could use for meats, vegetables, and also skewered items. The design is mostly his, as to function, we provided the manufacturing expertise.

Kiko Azevado in front of his new Uruguayan Grill in Blacksburg, VA.
Here is Kiko in front of his new grill!

Exhibition Cooking using a NorCal Ovenworks Grill.
Note the nice exhibition kitchen, where everyone can see their dinner cooking.

NorCal NSF Approved Exhibition Grill in Blacksburg, VA.
Is anyone hungry yet?

The Brasero, or Ember Maker is the heart of Argentine cooking.

That box, the brasero, is the heart of the grill. The whole secret to Latin American cooking is cooking over embers. It really is that simple.


  1. Gary, I'm encouraged to see more and more restaurant owners purchasing your products. Most North Americans have never used equipment which allows the user to control the distance between the meats and the embers.

    Your satisfied customer,


  2. Thank you Carlos. I understand. When I purchased my first serious grill, years ago, long before I ever thought I would be designing grills, I asked my wife what she thought about me having such a nice grill. She said, "I don't know why people ruin food by cooking it indoors, on a gas stove. "

    Now, the hottest trend in restaurant cooking is wood grilling. Thankfully, the "chef network" is a small one, and when NorCal Ovenworks sells a grill in a city, I can count on a few others in the same city calling me. To all of the chefs who share my name, I thank you.

  3. Indeed. I absolutely agree with how wood grilling is above and beyond gas grilling. And it's great to know your products are gaining renown!

    On a different note, if I may... I have noticed that you are continuously amending your product line, with a few new items in the Asado Equipment (Primitive) line. Since you sell the Asado Cross and the Adjustable Base separately as well as together, would you consider making the Grill Pit (36 X 23 X 9) available separately from the Portable Cross as well? I thought it'd be practical for grillers who want a large, portable grill with a fire table but who wouldn't necessarily need a Cross. Just a polite suggestion.

    1. Yes, I will make one for you that way. Will try to put it up tomorrow, if things go smoothly.

  4. Carlos, yes, I will make the camping grill without the cross. I think I should install a simple bracket so you can attach a cross later. Anyway, yes, I will try to post the grill without a cross tomooow, just deducting the price of the cross.

  5. Hey Gary, I'm very thankful for all our work together to make the dream come true, we are running the grill for almost a year right now, everything is working really well, fire up and cooking in a everyday basis, thanks a lot for your help, waiting your visit to try our steaks!!