Thursday, May 18, 2017

43rd Annual Cochon de Lait Festival in Mansura, LA May, 2017

A little trip to Mansura, LA to see how Cajuns roast pigs. Here is how they do it.

14 Rather Large Pigs
These aren't really Cochon de Lait. These are hogs.

That shed is about 60 feet long. 

The boxes above the pigs can contain a cordless rotisserie motor, but they didn't use them this year, just rotated the pigs manually from time to time. 

A closeup showing hog panel holding the pigs. I can substitute my criolla cross for the hog panel, and it would be a better mousetrap.

Finally, I took a short video of the pigs roasting. The next morning, I ate roast pork, crispy skin, rice dressing (rice with pork and ground chicken livers in it), roasted sweet potato, and cole slaw.

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