Friday, May 19, 2017

Colorado High

When this customer ordered from me, I had to laugh and tell him that I was not sure how the grill, smoker, and pizza oven would work at 7000 feet. Turns out, they work just fine. Kudos to the customer's installation too, looks really good!

High in the Rocky Mountains, this shelter contains our Pizza Oven, Argentine Grill Kit, and Smoker.

That's a 37" ID Pizza Oven Kit on the left, Argentine Grill with Side Brasero in the center, and a Vertical Smoker on the right. All supplied by NorCal Ovenworks Inc. 

Another view. This photo is earlier. Note the wood storage areas are empty.

Apparently some animals have ventured into the smoker. The customer simply closed the door and lit the fire. 

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